Soon after I was licensed as DL 7 SP, I had a good station (Drake TR-4). A 2-element Fritzel Beam for 10, 15 and 20 meters, on a 6 meter high mast of a 5-storey house with flat roof without disturbing environment, provided for a good radiation and excellent reception conditions.

Ideal to start the first DX walking attempts.


Already after about two years I held the coveted DXCC diploma (#7.690) for reaching more than 100 DXCC countries in SSB on August 24, 1976.

The DX hunt continued, of course. A later added PA equipped with 4x811A, brought about 1 kW HF to the antenna in an "emergency" and so many rare DX stations could be successfully operated despite large pileups.

On 23.8.1979 I received the last sticker for the 220th DXCC country from the ARRL.

In the following years some more countries could be reached, but due to increasing QRL and then a QTH change from Berlin to the Odenwald to Wald-Michelbach, the QRT or QRX was not always completely voluntary.
Only in 2008 I went back on DX-hunting with new equipment and a little more time and meanwhile I have confirmed 301 DXCC countries.

# 7.690
from 24.08.1976 - with sticker for 220 DXCC countries from 23.08.1979


I also worked actively at the WAE during this time and on 21.5.1979 I was awarded the WAE I (No. 230) for 2xSSB telephony for reaching 59 WAE countries and 177 points.

WAE I - Diploma
Nr. 230
from 21.05.1979 for 59 WAE countries in 2xSSB


The SSB-part of the SAC (Scandinavian Activity Contest) is my "Home-Contest". For many years I take part in this contest. Mostly 1st place in DL and also in Europe I'm on good places.

SAC 2009
27.990 points - 1. DL - 7. Europe

SAC 2010
36.977 points - 1. DL - 8. Europe

SAC 2011
53.954 points - 1. DL - 6. Europe

SAC 2012 No participation

SAC 2013
59.985 points - 1. DL - 7. Europe

SAC 2014
70.056 (DL-Record) - 1. DL - 7. Europe

SAC 2015
14.628 points - 1. DL - 11. Europe

For the contest log with the fewest errors, I received 2015 the award "Best accuracy on SSB"!

SAC 2015 Plaque
Best Log of the Contest

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