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I was assigned the call sign DN2SP for training radio operations.

My Echolink station DL7SP-L (564465) has been running at 144,950 MHz with about 9 W on an X-300 Diamond antenna since 2008.
(Operation was discontinued on December 31, 2022 due to insufficient use.)

Station: Elecraft K3
FT-897 D
Linear: Acom 2000A
Ant: Mosley TA-34 XL
Kelemen Dipol DPKA-8040
VHF: IC-260 E / FT-73R
Ant: Diamond X-300
WY208 8-Element Yagi
Name: Holger
QTH: Wald-Michelbach
QTH-Locator: JN 49 JO
Zone: WAZ14
DOK: F50
OV Überwald

On May 4, 1973 I passed the license exam for the (then) class C in Berlin and got the callsign DC 7 JM.

In the months that followed, I learned telegraphy, which was required at the time to acquire license class A. After successfully completing the CW exam, I received the A license on March 12, 1974 and was assigned the call sign DL 7 SP. After a year of trouble-free operation, this A license then went over to the then highest license class B.
Since then I have been mostly active on shortwave and SSB under my call sign DL7SP.

After only two years I was awarded the DXCC (#7.690) in SSB (so far with sticker for 220 DXCC countries) on 24.8.1976 and on 21.5.1979 the WAE I (No. 230) in 2xSSB telephony.

Besides the activity from my QTH, I took part in several DX expeditions. For example, 1976 Monaco (3AøHL) and 1981 Isle of Man (GD5DLW). In addition, numerous visits and activities took place at the ITU in Geneva under 4U1ITU and in Liechtenstein as DL7SP/HBø and as second operator at DL7RT/HBø.

From 1976 to 1982 I was OVV of the DARC local section Berlin-Wilmersdorf (D11) and from April 2008 to May 2022 OVV of the local section Überwald (F50).

Due to QRL and QTH changes, I was only a little QRV for years and often not at all. At best in packet radio or occasionally on 2 meters in SSB.

For a few years I've been active again with new equipment and drive and I hope that I can devote a little more time to the amateur radio hobby and DXing on shortwave.

My good old Drake TR-4C, which accompanied me for years, has now had its day and in its place there is now an Elecraft K3, an ICOM IC-7700 and a Yaesu FT-897D in the shack for the shortwave bands. In "stubborn cases" an ACOM 2000A gives a little more emphasis.

For SSB connections on 2 meters my reliable old IC-260E was still in use for a long time. It is now more than 30 years old and dates back to my time in Berlin. I now have a Kenwood TM-D710E for VHF, which can also be used for 70cm, but unfortunately does not have SSB.

In FM I'm mainly QRV on 2m and 70cm with the Kenwood TM-D710E. I'm also occasionally active in DMR with an AnyTone D578UV.

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