Very soon after my license as DL 7 SP, I had a good station (Drake TR-4). A 2-element Fritzel-Beam for 10, 15 and 20 meters, on a 6 meter high mast of a 5-storey building with a flat roof without disturbing environment provided a good broadcast and exellent receiving conditions.

Ideal to start the first DX successes.


Already about two years later, on 24.08.1976, I held the coveted DXCC (# 7690) for the contact of more than 100 DXCC countries in SSB in my hands.

The DX-hunting went on, of course. A later added PA equipped with 4x811A, brought in "emergency" about 1 kW RF on the antenna and so many rare DX stations could be worked successfully despite major pileups.

On 23.08.1979 I received from the ARRL the last date sticker for the 220th DXCC country.

In the following years, several other countries could still be achieved, but due to increasing QRL and then a QTH change from Berlin to Wald-Michelbach in the Odenwald, there was not always a voluntary QRT or QRX.
In 2008 I came with new equipment and a little more time back to the DX-hunting. Today I have 285 DXCC-countries confirmed.

# 7.690
from 24.08.1976 - with sticker for 220 DXCC countries from 23.08.1979


Also on the WAE I worked actively in this time and on 21.05.1979 I got the "WAE I" (No. 230) for contact with 59 WAE-countries and 177 points in 2xSSB telephony.

WAE I - Diploma
Nr. 230
from 21.05.1979 for 59 WAE countries in 2xSSB


The SSB-part of the SAC (Scandinavian Activity Contest) is my "Home-Contest". For many years I take part in this contest. Mostly 1st place in DL and also in Europe I'm on good places.

SAC 2009
27.990 points - 1. DL - 7. Europe

SAC 2010
36.977 points - 1. DL - 8. Europe

SAC 2011
53.954 points - 1. DL - 6. Europe

SAC 2012 No participation

SAC 2013
59.985 points - 1. DL - 7. Europe

SAC 2014
70.056 (DL-Record) - 1. DL - 7. Europe

SAC 2015
14.628 points - 1. DL - 11. Europe

For the contest log with the fewest errors, I received 2015 the award "Best accuracy on SSB"!

SAC 2015 Plaque
Best Log of the Contest


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